lydia samuels singer teacher

About me

I am Lydia Samuels, a singer and composer/arranger with an interest in traditional music, 20th century contemporary classical music and experimental improvisation. I have performed and toured extensively in different ensembles in the UK, Europe, USA and Mexico and I also work as a singing facilitator one-to-one and in group workshops. Over the last decade I have worked in play and youth work and have facilitated workshops in a variety of settings including schools, youth clubs, mental health services and care homes. 

I currently sing, arrange and compose in four groups. 'Gone Under Sea' play traditional music from the British Isles with eclectic and experimental arrangements. 'Down Is Up' are a 12-piece band that play the music of Moondog and other composers. 'HOWL' are an ensemble of a cappella vocalists who sing our own compositions/arrangements alongside experimental works, contemporary classical pieces and folk arrangements. 'Yolk' are a collective of composers for voice who explore sound immersion, ritual, improvisation and movement.
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