lydia samuels singer teacher

One to One

I teach individual classes at home in Tottenham, London, and online internationally. My classes have relaxed and open atmosphere and are tailored to meet each individual student's needs, whether you're a musician with previous experience or a complete beginner. I can help you work on breathing, vocal technique, confidence and creative interpretation. I firmly believe everyone can sing and I love facilitating people from all walks of life to uncover their unique voice.


  • I’ve tried singing lessons at various points over the years – but eventually lost interest as my voice didn’t seem to improve. Yet since working with Lydia I can honestly say I experience breakthrough after breakthrough. It is a miracle but I finally feel I am learning to sing! Lydia has such an encouraging way – I never feel intimidated – yet she is an incredible musician with a wide range of skills. Her approach is also very holistic- which suits me as a contemplative. She is a fantastic teacher- I highly recommend her!

    Donna, London

  • Lydia is a brilliant teacher. She makes you feel safe and supported and confident to try new things. I found her approach really creative and playful -  particularly the way she uses metaphors and visual imagery - which really encouraged me to get out of my head and think more intuitively and physically about how I sing. I'd highly recommend.

    Alice, London

  • Lydia is a wonderful teacher, she has allowed me to step into my voice through building my confidence with her tailored classes. She is attentive, professional and thoughtful in her teaching, and most importantly playful, always making the class a pleasure to be at. Through these classes I have felt more confidence not only in singing but in myself. Thank you Lydia for your awesome mahi (work), I will be forever grateful to you for helping me find my voice!

    Alana, Wellington, NZ

  • I’d never had singing lessons before and was skeptical when Lydia told me that ‘anyone can learn to sing’. However after my first lesson I felt much more connected with my body and found myself on a journey of discovering what my own voice sounded like. Lydia’s approach is fun and I felt really at ease. Highly recommend.

    Gemma, London

  • I enjoy singing classes with Lydia a lot. I'm not a professional musician. Lydia's lessons help me relax, meditate, connect with myself and reactivate my creativity. She's a great teacher and I'd say a guide to your inner potential.

    Katya, Mexico City

  • Learning to sing with Lydia and having our songs to practice through the week has completely transformed my life! No joke! It’s just depressing that I waited ‘till middle age to discover such an amazing way to be a human body as musical instrument!

    Mike, California

  • Lydia really helped me find the confidence to let my voice be heard. Her way of teaching is very profound… I didn’t expect the classes to feel almost like yoga or meditation, but they did. We worked with visualisations, movement, and breathing - and it was all a lot of fun, with Lydia’s sense of humour and playfulness.

    Lorraine, Mexico City

  • The lessons I had with Lydia were perfect in building my confidence and made me realise what I could already do. They also gave me new skills so that I could practice myself between lessons. Plus, they made singing more fun.

    Sol, London

  • I would 100% recommend taking singing classes with Lydia. Her embodied approach, alongside her knowledge and enthusiasm for singing are so inspiring and bring so much joy to the process. I always feel comfortable with her, and supported in a holistic path to my voice.

    Lydia, Norwich

  • ​​Lydia helped me to feel comfortable and confident with my voice and has equipped me with so many techniques and skills for improving and enjoying my singing. The warming up section feels like a meditation and an opportunity to connect with myself. I have reached notes I didn’t think were possible to reach, and have learnt how to harmonise.

    Holly, London